Please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire.
It will allow us to provide you with a wheel wash system to meet your specific site conditions and needs.
All information remains confidential.   We look forward to working with you!

Name: * *
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Company: *
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Type of operation:
Landfill Quarry Ash and Coke Site
Power Plant Mining Recycling Plant
Job Site Industrial Plant Military Installation
Construction Site Other:
Estimated site life:
    Short-term(1-5 years) Intermediate (5-15 years) Long-term (15+ years)
Type or composition of soil or debris on site:
Amount of soil or debris to be removed:
Light     Medium Heavy
Haul road surfaces:
Length of haul road to exit:
Number of working hours per day:
Are there any erosion or sediment ponds? Yes     No
  If yes, how far from site?
Is dust control a problem? Yes     No
  If yes, how far from site?
Equipment or process currently in use:
Current average monthly water usage and source:
Any plans for exit/excavation/construction change? Yes     No     Maybe
Power supply change/installation:
Water supply change/installation:


Type of vehicles tracking:
Maximum axle load:
Number of axles: 3     4     5     More
Maximum truck movements: Per day     Per hour


Below are available features in VEWI's wheel wash systems.
Please check features that you would like to be included in your wheel wash system.

  Diesel driven pump(s)
Electric driven pump(s)
Heater for freeze protection
Full body wash
Overhead sprinklers for load wet-downs
Dust control connections for site and haul road wet-downs
Increased filtration to reduce micron levels (recommended for full body wash-downs)
Over-spray control/Side curtains
Environmental emergency tank
Spare parts package


  Your goals and objectives:
Observations or concerns:
Special requirements:

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