Battling Tire Trackout?

Put VEWI Technology to Work for You

VEWI Can Save You Time and Money

As federal, state and local environmental regulations get tougher and job sites strive to gain acceptance and credibility in communities, the need for employing the most effective wheel- washing and dust control products available has become crucial. Any lost time moving vehicles through wheel wash equipment, operating, repairing or cleaning the equipment - or WORSE, cleaning up trackout and/or being slapped with fines after your vehicles have already gone through the equipment - is a huge waste of your operationഩme, money and manpower.

Fast, Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Vehicle & Equipment Washers Inc. (VEWI) knows that thereబenty to do on your job site without worrying about your wheel wash equipment. That෨y we堤esigned and patented the most efficient and complete permanent and semi-permanent wash systems available on the market. Our portable unit, TW-2000®, can be set up quickly with minimal site preparation and be fully functional within hours. Our permanent unit, TW-1000®, is installed in-ground with a durable concrete construction to ensure a long life. Both units control and contain debris on your job site. They wash light to heavily soiled vehicle tires, include a water recirculation system with filtration, use minimal amounts of water and do not require potable water and require minimal maintenance. These fast, effective systems are self-cleaning, require no operator and can be fully customized to best suit your site஥eds. Thereய downtime for cleaning - your crew can simply drive the vehicles through and get on with business!

What You Order is What You Get

VEWI cleaning systems are sold as complete packages with no hidden costs and no after-purchase surprises. This means that the price we quote you for the basic unit that suits your needs and any optional features you require, such as dust control connections or variable spray patterns, will be included in the actual cost of the equipment that is delivered to your site to be assembled and operated. In the event that your site requires any special preparation to accommodate a system you purchase for us, we will advise you of this in advance.

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VEWI Stands By its Products and its Customers

VEWI's wheel wash systems are made in the United States by some of the finest equipment manufacturers. VEWI and our design partners stand by our products and are always available to our customers to answer questions, provide advice and counsel and further customize our systems as needs change. We do not see our sale of equipment to our customers as the end, but rather the beginning of what we hope will be a long and lasting relationship.

VEWI looks forward to the opportunity to show you why our wheel wash systems are the most efficient, effective and complete products available.

Vehicle & Equipment Washers Inc. (VEWI) provides quality and cost-effective permanent and semi-permanent wheel wash units for industrial, commercial, governmental and military vehicles. Our patented systems clean vehicle tires quickly while controlling and containing debris on-site. Our equipment can be customized to fulfill the needs of a broad variety of industries.