TW-1000® Patented Wheel Wash Unit
Poured In-Ground Concrete

Designed for sites requiring long-term wheel wash units for light to heavily soiled vehicle tires.

  • Patented flushing system
  • Side and flushing sprays
  • One pump system
  • Pumps either electric or diesel
  • Pumps either submersible or ground mounted
  • Filtration and recycling of water
  • Unit is 36 feet long and 12 feet wide
  • Minimal maintenance, no operator required
  • Minimum water usage - potable water not necessary

User defined features:

  • Pumps may be either 4 inches or 6 inches
  • Variations on unit width and length can be adapted, with changes in the pump size and spray pattern

TW-1000 pump with optional heater

Optional Features

  • Thermostatically control heater available

Upgradeable Features

  • Easily converted to TW1000® PLUS, which includes undercarriage & additional side sprays
  • Easily converted to the TW1000/2000® Combo, which includes undercarriage and additional side sprays; instead of a permanent holding/filtration tank, the TW2000® filtration tank would be used.